Vila Volcá

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
Vila Volcá welcomes you with a sense of discovery: you are entering an almost primitive ruin with its massive stone walls in the middle of a forest. A ruin-like house that tries to dissolve boundaries in order to develop the full potential of the void. This specific project does not respond to the classic inside-outside duality, it will try to break the boundaries between interior and exterior. A strong concept that lead our ideas was the contradiction of not searching an eternal present, but rather an architecture with a materiality that allowed time to be incorporated, slowly revealing the footprint of the years on the wear of the surfaces. Time as nature nurtures and repairs. This ruin-like house lets you discover and interact with nature at all times. The main house lets you go down to the site and experience the untouched nature. The path to the deck lets you have a deep introspective journey while walking among the trees, feeling the sky above and the ground beneath the feet.

Lago de Coatepeque, Calle al Lago, Cantón Los Planes de la Laguna, Santa Ana, El Salvador

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Applicant and authors of the project
Molina Architecture Studio, an emerging architecture studio based in El Salvador. We follow an architectural system that frame the landscape and dissect space in a way that allow us to explore and analyze the false dichotomy between interior and exterior, between opened and closed, between nature and artifice. We respond in a particular way to the problem, program and context. Abstraction gives way to colors. The main pillars of the creative process are site, program and concept.