Villa 295

Best Implemented Reconstruction Project

About the project
Villa 295 involves refurbishing a 31-year-old building in Khazarshahr. The original structure required a meticulous design approach to reinforce its primary elements while introducing subtle wall alterations and spatial modifications. This aimed to seamlessly integrate contemporary design elements with the building's original character. The interior spaces underwent significant layout and material transformations, catering to contemporary sensibilities and lifestyle preferences. This resulted in an interior environment that flawlessly blended updated design elements within the older architectural shell. Outdoor spaces and transitional bridges connecting interior and exterior areas were thoughtfully defined, creating distinct functional zones. The execution of Villa 295 encompassed structural reinforcement, installation upgrades, and architectural modifications. The villa is now ready for immediate occupancy, exuding a renewed sense of purpose and aesthetic appeal.

Mazandaran province, Iran

Project implementation year

Arash Khatir architectural design team was founded in 2016 with the mission of providing wholesome solutions for clients in the real estate sector.our services range from initial studies to design, preparation, construction, facilities, exterior/interior and furnishing of apartment buildings, villas, residences, offices, commercial buildings, mansions and other architectural artifacts.

Author of the project
Arash Khatir architectural design team

Other participants
Design team: Mozhan Behroo, Yasaman Taghinia, Parham Kalani, Mehran Makaremi
Construction manager: Amir Khatir
Construction team supervisor: Majid Ganji

Status of the project