Villa in Dallas

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
Based on the needs of a wealthy Texas gentleman, we designed the concept of a modern, single-family villa on the shores of Lake Creek.
Volumes with sharp edges intersect, creating a dynamic architecture with a thousand facets. This is the concept behind the project of this villa.
The interiors have been designed as a tailor-made dress: they are functional and enclosed in a dynamic and contemporary structure, made of free floors and sharp edges.
Speaking of materials and textures, glass and Austin's typical limestone mingle in a game of solids and voids, opacity and transparencies.

Dallas, Texas, the USA

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Applicant and authors of the project
Founded in Milan in 2011 as a research and services company for architectural projects, specialised in space planning for both work and living places, based on the professional experience of the three founding members.
We have an innovative formula: «Think & Build». We integrate the project with the realization, through a professional team able to manage the process from concept to final testing.