Villa P.21.1

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Villa P.21.1 was designed for a large family, who value comfort, convenience, healthy living and modern architecture. The building has two entrances. The entrance hall with a walk-in wardrobe and a guest bathroom leads to the pantry and other utility rooms. Next, there’s a living room, which is a gathering place for all the family members. It is adjacent to an open-plan kitchen also featuring a sitting area with a fireplace and a dining room. Its huge windows overlook the garden. On the same floor, in a separate part of the house, there is a swimming pool and a sauna. The pool features sliding windows, which can stay open in warm weather and ensure a genuine connection with nature.
On the first floor, there are 2 bedrooms and 1 master bedroom, which has an exit to the terrace.

Nikolina Gora, Moscow Region, Russia

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