Villa Sepid

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project (provided by the applicant)
It was essential to introduce openness in the middle of the structure to allow greenery, sunlight, and a view of the sky within the place. Considering a skylight feature achieved this goal. Public areas are situated on the ground floor and the second floor whereas the private areas are placed on the first floor. Indirect circulation was employed to break the direct lines of sight towards the end of the hall, designated a semi-open space in the building’s core, granting both natural lighting and. The first floor consists three master bedrooms, a living space along with a pantry. A game room, social space, as well as a spacious terrace facing the sea are provided on the second floor. On the rooftop, a space is considered for sunbathing and enjoying the sea view. Efforts have been made in order to minimize the use of artificial materials, aiming to establish sustainability and a stronger connection with the environment.

Mazandaran, Iran

Project design year

Extra visual materials

TRD Design and Construction Studio

Author of the project
TRD Design and Construction Studio

Other participants
Lead Architect: Seyyed Hassan Alavizadeh, Simin Farhangi
Design Team: Majid Pourmirali, Amir Hossein Roustaei, Samine Javadi, Zahra Akbari, Mohammad Reza Abiri
Structural: Farhad Bahrami
Mechanical: Mohammad Yazdi
Electrical: Jafar Zadeh

Status of the project
Under construction

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