Neoclassical Villa near Siena

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
The Villa located a few kilometers from Siena consists of a main villa, cellars and some annexes for a total of about 5000 square meters surrounded by about 60 hectares of land. Over the years, the villa has hosted illustrious personalities of the caliber of Marino Marini and Eugenio Montale, guest of Elena De Bosis Vivante. Built in 1700 respecting and following a purely Neo-Classical style, the Tuscan villa has been carefully restored in a Classic Contemporary style and maintained in excellent condition, preserving its linear and clean beauty. Internally, everything appears well cared: refined furniture, marble floors, precious chandeliers, large windows, period fireplaces, frescoed ceilings, decorated walls, fine parquet floors, private loggias form an extremely pleasant and elegant whole. The loggias, characterized by white linear columns, on the top floor of the Tuscan property allow an amazing view, both on the surrounding area and on the park.

Tuscany, Italy

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
Savio Firmino.
Savio Firmino, thanks to the Contract Company Savio Interiors, operates internationally as the ideal partner for architects and interior designers. It curates every aspect, from the design to production and logistic, for a complete service in the hotel, commercial, residential and interior design contract sector. It guarantees high quality know-how and, thanks to the tailoring approach, provides solutions in line with the needs of each customers.
Project by Savio Firmino, Studio S+S (Diletta Storace and Nicola Spagni).

Other participants
S + S is a design studio that carries out architectural and interior design projects in both the residential and hotel sectors. Founded in 2011, the studio is based in Florence in the prestigious Palazzo Gondi and praises high-level collaborations on an international scale.