Vira II

Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The main challenge in this 6-storey office building, which has been located in central part of Tehran, is its adjacency to old buildings on the western side, on the one hand, and neighboring a modern and high-rise building on the eastern side, on the other hand, and how to deal with this issue.
Regarding the imposed bevel from west side, the bevel not only has been utilized as a repetitive urban motif, but also has gained a higher functionality through multiplication in volume and recess towards east in the central part of the facade.
Moreover, by using transparent surfaces in a major part of the main building facade and also by using repetitive balconies with a potential of locating green spaces, it has been attempted to establish a better coordination with the eastern neighbors.
Ultimately, “VIRA II” attempts to have positive interactions with its surrounding urban sight, while maintaining its independent identity as a building, and avoid being indifferent to the urban landscape.

Yousefabad, Tehran, Iran

Project implementation year

Extra visual materials (photos, videos etc.)

Applicant and authors of the project
Alidoost and Partners.
Founded and directed by Shahab Alidoost and Sona Eftekharazam, Alidoost and Partners is a multidisciplinary office that focuses on architecture and design, from large scale planning to furniture. Rich with multiple expertises, our office is fuelled by talented designers and experienced architects that jointly develop projects from early sketches to on-site supervision.

Other participants
Design Assistant : Amir Niknafs
Design team: Amir Niknafs , Hamideh Raoufzadeh , Sahand Mohades, Hamed Bakhtiari, Ali Taghibeigi, Ilia Salek, Sama Khaki, Mina Mehrdad, Ida Ehsani, Venus Entezami, Ali Izadi, Ehsan Danandeh
Photograph: Mohamad Hasan Etefagh