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About the project
A space 'between ecosystems', between the consolidated city and nature 'on the other side', born from the pine forest, the dunes, the wind, the sun and the salt, with its morphology and its qualities, and providing a permeable space for the inhabitants of El Puerto de Santa María.
It is necessary to highlight the importance of the wind as the origin and generator of the city. So why not generate a space with this spirit and dune morphology? An urban space between the sea and the city, an amphibian between the natural and the artificial, a natural and urban space at the same time; with sufficient representativeness and identity to reactivate the area.
As if it were a continuation of the existing dune cordon, the dwellings are located in the northwest corner of the plot, taking on a morphology inspired by the dune: gentle undulations carved by the wind and a sloping section that makes it appear to be part of the topography of the place.

El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Spain

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Specialisation. Vanguard. Art and technique. A human team. Important projects. Awards and acknowledgement. Everything was compressed in our dreams but, with the proper talent brought together, with the teamwork, with the right sponsorship, and specially with the confidence of our clients, it is a tangible reality after 10 years of our beginning.

Status of the project
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