Best Implemented Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
Vital Cube is a Medical-Office Building. For this specific type of projects that will welcome patients in search of healing, we wanted the concept to present a positive contribution on the psychology of the operators.
So, we were inspired by nature. 3 main elements have been chosen to be reflected on the mass of the project: WATER, VEGETATION and SUN, dividing it into three cubic pavilions.
The façades adopt a system of colorful, contrasted modules, alternating opaque HPL panels with a wood aspect, to transparent and colored glass panels. The elements are carried by an aluminum structure with blue, green and yellow horizontal covering profiles, referring to the elements of nature and marking the differentiation of the three cubes.
Finally, through the dialogue it maintains with the environment, the delicate expression of nature and the comings and goings of patients seeking recovery, the project becomes a living organism: it receives and gives life. This is how it becomes... VITALCUBE.

Tunis, Tunisia

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Applicants and authors of the project
ARK-architecture + AUDA.
ARK-architecture is a Tunisian architecture and design firm, founded by Bilel Khemakhem in 2011. Guided by the belief that architecture is a significant driver of social change, ARK-architecture has been engaged in the quest for an equilibrium between immersion and contrast, sophistication and simplicity. Its design philosophy has been evolving continuously to embrace the social and cultural dynamics of the Tunisian context while keeping a curious eye on the world.

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