Viy/Beyond the Line


Best Implemented Theatre Set Design

About the project

According to the stage artists, the play inspired by Gogol’s stories, represents two worlds — the real and the other one, behind the wall. The masculine world is highly geometric, black and white, where the cube is a symbol of rational knowledge.

The feminine world is mystical, fluent, and vivid. Blue textile braids for the May Night story represent the waters of the Dnieper.  Red canvases for the Eve of Ivan Kupala symbolize the woods. Whenever they move, they look like giant spurts of flame. For the Viy, all the horizontal and vertical rhythms previously created are destroyed and connected in a new way.


Izhevsk, Republic of Udmurtia, Russia 

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State Russian Drama Theater of Udmurtia

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Anna Bubnova, art director     

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