Roll On, Time – art object in Gorky Park

Best Art in Outdoor Public Space

About the project
This objet d'art was designed to commemorate the 95th Birthday of the Gorky Park.
Despite all the plainness of the visual image, the installation represents the trinity of the part, the present, and the future. The cascade of 550 bundles of meadow grass on the roof is a symbol of the past. The memorial arc in the Stalinist Empire style at the entrance represents the present.
The light installation in the coffer of the arch images the future — 520 neon fibers of 2 to 6 meters long run along the coffer — just like time.

Yakimanka, Central Administrative District, Moscow, Russia

Project implementation year

Extra visual materials

Applicant and authors of the project
Osetskaya.Salov (ARCHSLON), architectural bureau
Project by Tatyana Osetskaya, Alexandr Salov, Tatyana Yudina, Karina Monisova (Aidarova)

Project status