Water exhibition in Ujjain

Best Implemented Project of Temporary or Permanent Museum Exposition

About the project
This exhibition was an interesting take on creating awareness about the Indian heritage association with water. The design explored the creating an elemental space with indian rural context materials like jute rope, wood, mud and cow dung. Contextual arrangements of wooden frames with interlinked nodes were used.

Ujjain, India

Project implementation year

Studio AKAURU Design.
«Arc. Dushyant Joshi can be considered as a new emerging style curator with his brain child AKAURU DESIGN, which forefronts the traditional Indian ethos into a modern language of expression .With a modest team comprising of core associates and conglomerate we create dreams to become reality. A unique area of architecture where creating spaces for the public in the most efficient and beautiful ways is our goal with sustainability as backbone.»

Author of the project
Dushyant Joshi, Ishita Pathak

Cultural Ministry of India

Status of the project