Water Haven Saint Albert

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About the project
Once a mining tower, now an abandoned relic of the past. As the town of Binche progress in the future, the primary economic fuel which was coal is now water. The tower was a symbol of hope and livelihood for the inhabitants in the area. The industrial revolution was the only reason of prosperity in the town of Binche. Currently, water fuels the agriculture of the land and this current economic source (water) is in danger due to climate change. Belgium, facing a water crisis, needs to step up and do more. Hence the solution is to drown the tower forming the largest rainwater catchment/treatment that will be housed in the once glorious tower of saint Albert. This tower will be a catalyst that will revive all coal mines around the Belgian-French coal spine. Therefore, the tower serves as a haven, storing water as well as educating the community about conservation.

7134 Binche, Belgium

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Applicant and author of the project
Benedict Chew is a Singaporean architectural designer with a vast experience in competition design. Having started architectural training at 16, his take on architecture encompasses a holistic view to design.