Wayfaring Rock

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
The Wayfaring Rock residence, is named after the design concept. The concept of this house is to enjoy the experience of transformation of the rock from rugged to lustrous, on foot. Hence, Wayfaring!
The grandest first impression is made upon entering the 45 feet tall foyer, which houses a beautiful flourite crystal art element in the middle. The foyer also has a slit in the ceiling, a skylight, that creates sprays of sunlight that beams down upon the crystal, creating multiple refractions on the floor.
This leaves one almost feeling sacred, as if walking into a chapel and experiencing the solitude and beauty of it.

Sri Hills, Hyderabad, India

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Deetales Design Studio.
At Deetales Design Studio, we consider ourselves as the Art-chitects of space. In the name of the firm, lies our intent towards creating every project around a concept and story, tightly knit together on a personal level that delivers a unique output where each project is diverse.
We constantly push the boundaries of Architecture and design, so much so that our portfolio is a compilation of experiences that are sensorly choreographed with disciplined experimentation.

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Deetales Design Studio

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Conceptual design