White & Green House

Best Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

About the project
Site of the building is located in a chaotic neighborhood in Damavand City. A new building was designed to be a good fit among neighboring old low rise buildings by being «simple» and «green». The simplicity was applied to the overall composition. The starting point was a clean white building mass, sharp and square. Most windows and openings on white façade of this building mass were arranged to be uniform and the overall image is a white surface that is perforated with rectangular small openings. Then shaping the composition of this apartment building continued with introducing the green vegetal areas to the whole building and this is achieved through subtracting pieces of building mass and grafting planters and plant containers inside the skin of the building at east and south side.
Then we extended the green areas to all parts of the building.

Damavand City, Iran

Project design year

Sepehr Seyedkalal / SKY.
Finalist of World Architecture Festival 2023, Design of the Diamond House in Absard Finalist of 10th Iranian Interior Architecture Award, Interior Design and Construction of Sohanak Apartment 2nd Place of 7th Iranian Interior Architecture Award, Renovation and Interior Design of the Office for a Businessman 3rd Place Winner, Design Competition of Revolution and Holy Defense Museum, in Collaboration with Tarh-O-Kavosh Winner of the 2nd Prize, Ahvaz Library Design Competition.

Author of the project
Sepehr Seyedkalal

Status of the project
Under construction