Whitechapel Handicraft Library

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About the project
In response to the rapid development of handicraft industry in United Kingdom, this project aims to convert the existing Whitechapel Bell Foundry into an industrial library to serve the expanding handicraft community. Operated by the Crafts Council, the library will be an important base to facilitate the growth of the handicraft industry. Therefore, it will serve as a multifunctional centre for people:

1. To gather, to learn, to exchange and to work collaboratively
2. To serve as an informative and experiential centre
3. To promote and support development of handicraft industry in UK as a base
4. To provide inspiration to stimulate visitors’ creativity and imagination

In order to retain the value of a Grade II* Listed building, the project must preserve historical features to showcase bell manufacturing in the past, at the same time it should be able to present core value of the newly developed handicraft industry to the public.

Church Bell Foundry, 32 and 34, Whitechapel Road, and 2 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, London, the UK

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Applicant and author of the project
Pak Ling So.
«After working for a year as an interior design assistant in a studio, I would like to deepen my knowledge and skills outside Hong Kong, so I went to Coventry University for studying and working for several truly inspiring projects. Dreaming to be a professional interior designer, I am looking for opportunities to present my ideas in different design projects. after graduation. As a multilingual speaker with previous work experience, I am confident to work in a team and deal with clients.»