Yacht Club at Petrovskaya Sand Bar

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About the project
The existing orthogonal grid is accented by main alleys, paths that start from them, and piers, as well as the north part of the marina. The new yacht club is designed at the western shore, on the line of the protective mall.
There is a kids’ yacht school behind one of the alleys in the northern part of the marina along with sports grounds and recreation sites. The yacht club and the open yacht parking zone are designed in the southern part of the haven. The new facility can be accesses from the Petrovskaya sand bar through the security desk, followed by the main alley – it leads to the underground and above-the-ground parking zones, a roundabout, and the marina headquarters.

St. Petersburg, Russia

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Applicant and author of the project
Ivan Kazadayev, Bachelor of Repin St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, co-founder of Locus architectural magazine

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