Yalda Banoo

Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics

About the project
Yalda Bano fabric store was designed and built in a street with a dominant commercial use in Isfahan city. In the design process of this project, due to the location of the project, which is located in an area with a historical background, traditional architectural elements have been tried to be used for the design of the facade and interior spaces. Therefore, in the entrance view, a kind of sun design (combination of round forms) is used in the form of a stone grid, which not only represents the architectural elements of Isfahan, but also evokes the fabric texture. In the northern and western facades of the project, the fabric texture It is created by sloping bricks in two directions, which induces a movement in the form of a half-open curtain in combination with the stone lattice, highlighting and defining the main entrance.

Ebn e Sina St., Isfahan, Iran

Project implementation year

Meysam Shahpir

Author of the project
Meysam Shahpir

Other participants
Assistant architect: Marzieh Jamalpour
Photographer: Shahram Ahmadzadeh
Graphics: Saba Khalili

Status of the project