History museum of Yunhe middle school

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A school history museum hidden deep in Yunhe County has been created after the renovation of Dongfeng Building, century-old and famed school.
«There is Daxi in the south, and Huangxi flows into Daxi in the west. In the third year of the Jingtai, Fuyun and Yuanhe Townships were established in Lishui, leading to the naming of the region as Yunhe.» (Selected from famous ancient Chinese poems Journey to the Yellow River). The village Yunhe of the city of Lishui has never been separated from the profound meaning of Jiangnan in China. It seems destined to be a hermit's place, surrounded by nature in the midst of rosy clouds.
Zhejiang Yunhe Middle School is located in the hometown of terraced fields, surrounded by mountains and rivers, where there are naturally high levels oof moisture. Yunhe Middle School is nourished by the educational fruits of the famous educator Tao Xingzhi. To be continued. 

Yunhe, Lishui, Zhejiang, China

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ZHU Feng graduated from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University. He went to Germany and Japan for further study. After graduation, he founded VON Architects and is currently the principal architect. He is an experienced architectural designer specializing in commercial, cultural, and urban type projects.

Yunhe middle school

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