Zalavruga Restaurant

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The design of the restaurant is the author’s attempt to make popular the Neolithic memorial, the petroglyphs in Zalavruga, and tell its history through the up-to-date interpretations of the Karelian culture. Sakinat wanted the interiors to feature a harmonious blend of prehistoric and contemporary styles.

The central element of the interior is a structure that models a cave entrance. The tables are located around it. Petroglyphs inspired motives and ornaments are used to decorate the walls, and the ceiling is finished with faux ancient rocks

The public area, the room for private rest, and the place for small companies — each of them have decorations of their own, but the overall style makes the guests think about the ancient times and yet feel comfortable and cozy.


Surgut, Russia

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Sakinat Alieva, student of Znamensky Surgut College of Russian Culture

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