Zendegi Building

Best Implemented Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

About the project
The Zendegi (life) Building is a suitable platform for man to experience the art of living. A building that despite its simplicity rose from the rich culture of Persian architecture. The sort of materials, the combination of colors & textures, along with all those simple shapes, remind us of our ancestor's attitude toward the universe. Life in the Zendegi is formed by the movement of light within the dawn, slowly & delicately reaches the interior spaces through the facade & revives life.
According to the texture & location of the project site, the best use for the building is residential. In this project, guests are welcomed by the chanting of our old pool. Water & light in the building’s entrance creates a miraculous atmosphere far from the hustle and bustle of Tehran. Green & fresh plants and earthenware jugs, all get together to remind us of our sweet memories. The heat emitted from the hearts of the bricks creates a kind & enjoyable atmosphere for the guests.

Zendegi building, No. 09, Zandieh Deadend, Valiasr Street, Tehran, Iran

Project implementation year

Faraman Group

Author of the project
Marjan Farzian

Ali Forghanian

Other participants
3D modeling & design colleagues: Ensineh Eydivandi, Marjan Zare Dehnavi
Photographer & Video Creator: Deed studio

Status of the project