Renovation and readjustment of the listed Grain Pavilion No. 59 (VDNKh)

Best Implemented Restoration Project

About the project (provided by the applicant)
This third highest pavilion in VDNKh was reconstructed under the project of architect Chechulin in 1954.
The key objective of the recent renovation of its facades and interiors was keeping their style, the original stucco, but also recovering the pieces that have been lost.
The dominant of the place is the ruby star on the top of the gilded 12-meters-high spire. It was restored in compliance with the fragments discovered in the attic.
Critically damaged sculpture groups were restored at the lower level of the tower along with the facade decorations.  All of the stained-glass windows made in the chemical glass etching technique were totally preserved, and old photographs were used to recreate the vintage chandeliers.

Moscow, Russia

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VDNKh Moscow

Authors of the project
GorCapStroy, NVK Holding, Klausura

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