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The idea of Zigzag comes from the lot’s natural topography. The terrain’s level is approximately 10ft above de street level, with a pronounced ascension, so it was challenging to design a comfortable access to the house, given the short length and the large altitude gap between one and the other.
The solution to this particular problem turned out to be the genesis of the design. When facing a pronounced natural elevation, the easiest way up is by taking a meandering path that goes back and forth with minimal elevation and a longer route length. Thus is how the concept of the house emerged: a main circulation that ZigZags, defining the design and the rhythm of the project.
Where others Zig, we Zag.

Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Applicant and authors of the project
AtelierMa collaborative team that is constantly searching and experimenting, with the aim of creating productive, healthy designs, based on circular economy.
Project by Matias Mosquera, Camila Gianicolo, Cristian Grasso.

Status of the project
Conceptual design

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