Zoetrope, a Tree House

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
We all dreamed about it, drew it, and longed for it. The luckiest ones may even own one. Few people can say the treehouse was not one of their greatest childhood aspirations.
It is the shelter of childhood. It is a safe place. It is the stronghold where one feels independent and keeps the adult world at a distance. It is an inaccessible place suspended between the sky and trees. It is the scenery and projection of extremely exciting adventures.
The Zoetrope is conceived as a luxury getaway (equipped with all modern and self-reliant amenities) in the woods. Offering literally 360 panoramic views of the surroundings, the main structure rests on a reciprocal framework that is both free-standing and suspending from the surrounding trees. The lower level has a compact kitchenette, living and seating area, the bathroom while the upper level is the master bedroom. The convex skylight placed right above the structure allows the user to quite literally sleep under the stars.

Mothe Chandeniers, France

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Applicant and authors of the project
Ronak Hingarh Design Studio.
Ronak Hingarh is the founder of a multidisciplinary design office RH (a+d) that is based out of Mumbai. As an alumnus of Rhode Island School of design, Ronak seeks to bridge the gap between nature and the built environment through his works. Ronak thinks of himself as a storyteller and believes every project has a story to tell. Through his designs, he tries to weave a strong narrative for his projects so that they find their own unique language, soul, and identity.
Project by Ronak Hingarh, Dhruv Seth.