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About the project
ZOHO is a part of inner city that is Rotterdam through and through, yet it has its own identity, shaped by entrepreneurs, social initiatives and vibrant communities.
The design connects green structures and generates a sustainable neighborhood. Three living environments are stacked on top of one another: Lab, Land and City Layers. Placed on top of the existing industrial ‘maker layer’ is a raised peat landscape, with a towers on top. The scheme also weaves layers together with a series of remarkable public and collective spaces.
The structure of the commercial buildings will be preserved and transformed into a space for social purposes, innovative housing and experiments.
The peat park forms a climate-adaptive buffer. The park offers ample opportunities for small scale housing, collectives and recreational amenities.
The Layer contains eight different urban blocks. They offer space for both owner-occupied and rental housing and facilitate collective forms of living.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Applicant and authors of the project

Orange Architects is a multidisciplinary and internationally operating design firm for architecture, urban design, interiors and outdoor space, headed by Patrick Meijers and Jeroen Schipper. Orange Architects formulates attractive, conceptually advanced and smart answers to complex spatial challenges. What distinguishes us is our rational attitude, which we combine with a sensitivity to context, to local culture, to the client’s wishes, and to the future users of our projects.

Authors and other participants
The transformation project was developed by extensive team of designers: urban planners ECHO Urban Design, Orange Architects, Moederscheim Moonen, More Architects and Studio Nauta with the developer Leyten & Stebru as a leader of the team.