Peter Pennoyer, architect, founding partner of New York-based Peter Pennoyer Architects, joined the Golden Trezzini Awards jury last year. Generously going beyond his obligations as a juror, he provided a few text comments on selected projects along with regular number scores.

Peter Pennoyer, photo by Jay Ackerman

«I am honored to serve as a juror for the Golden Trezzini Awards which exemplify the striving for excellence in architectural design across the globe,» — Peter Pennoyer says. Today, when 2020 Golden Trezzini Awards winners are known and the publication of Mr. Pennoyer’s opinion cannot influence the results, we are excited to share his comments on the participants' projects. 

Aviamotornaya Metro Station

The angular forms of the architecture successfully express the dynamic energy associated with travel. The architecture is molded into compelling forms, so this project relies on form more than ornament – an admirable achievement.


Cloud of Luster

The Cloud of Luster takes biomorphic design to a new level. The curved shapes of the platform and the ceiling seem integrated in one sinuous whole. The glass walls are exquisitely detailed and seem to melt away into space.


New Holland Island – Phase II

The design of the New Holland Island brings the historic structures and the canal together, creating a beautiful promenade and a vital and enriching public space. The trees and plantings add a green revival and naturalistic aspect.


An Inquiry into Neo-Typologies

The new retail experience creates a delightful sense of fantasy. A complex and intriguing space reimagines the typical brick and mortar urban design, creating an environment of theatrical intensity.


Dzhyly Su Brine Water Spa

The Zen nature of the Brine Water spa resembles the natural landscape of the Cliffs of Moher. The horizontal base of the building is a clever response to the rolling mountains in the background. As a minimalist design it relies on rich textures and materials.


Restoration of Uglich

The Restoration of Uglich is a wonderfully poetic manifestation of the inherently honest character of traditional Russian wooden architecture. But while relying on traditional materials and methods, this design encompasses bold and intriguing forms.

GTA: The image of the marina within the Uglich project is based on Pavilion of Reflections presented at 2016 Manifesta in Zürich, which was not indicated by the participant at the moment of voting.

Bazhanov’s House

The attention to detail in this admirable restoration is evidence of a sophisticated appreciation of historic architecture in St. Petersburg. The roof itself is a masterpiece of detailing and color.


Porcelain Interior of all Saints Church Memorial

This is a rare ecclesiastical project that captures the beauty and energy of Russian church architecture. The extraordinary skill with which the designer executed an interior based on volumetric porcelain elements makes this a space of great spiritual power.


Northern River Passenger Terminal

The restoration of the Northern River Passenger Terminal is expertly designed to honor the history of this transport facility while preparing it for a long future as a civic monument. The coloring and lighting achieve a harmonious balance to great effect.

Peter Pennoyer is the founding partner of Peter Pennoyer Architects, the New York-based architecture and design firm. He is a member of Architectural Digest’s AD100, a trustee of the Morgan Library & Museum, and president of The Whiting Foundation. He is a regular contributor to The New Criterion and co-author, with Anne Walker, of five books on early twentieth-century American architectural practices and the author of A House in the Country, written with his wife, interior designer Katie Ridder. Peter has served as chairman and board member of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, and in 2014 he was elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architects.

The International Golden Trezzini Awards for Architecture and Design are named after Domenico Trezzini (1670—1734), the first architect of St. Petersburg and the founder of Petrine Baroque. The Awards have been held since 2018. The motto of the Awards is “Architecture as Art.” The Awards are intended to acknowledge and promote architectural and designer projects that amount to works of art. The Honorary Chairman of the International Council of the Awards is Mikhail Piotrovsky, General Director of the State Hermitage, St. Petersburg.

2020 Golden Trezzini Awards winners were announced on December 1, 2020, in St. Petersburg. Dates for 2021 Entries will be published in spring.

The General Museum Partner of the Golden Trezzini Awards is the State Museum of St. Petersburg History. Global partner is LAUFEN. Strategic partner of the Awarding ceremony is Etalon Group. Official partners of the Awarding ceremony are Otis, Setl Group, LenRusStroy Building Corporation, Alfa Faberge, LIIS, Stroysintez, Slavdom, and DEREVO-park. System Partner is RBI Group. Partner of a Special nomination is YIT. Partner of a nomination is Lenstroytrest Group. Partner of the Awarding ceremony is re:dis studio. To see a full list of the Awards partners please check

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