The competition for the 2024 Golden Trezzini Awards continues, and while the grand prize winners will be selected by our expert panel of judges, the People's Choice Award program invites visitors to the Golden Trezzini website to determine which project deserves the special gilded figurine as the Premio del Pubblico (People’s Choice) winner.
With a broad range of voting categories available, seize your opportunity to support a deserving project in becoming this year's People’s Choice winner!

Voting has commenced and will conclude on October 30. Don't miss out—cast your vote today! All winners, including the People’s Choice Award recipient, will be unveiled during the Golden Trezzini Gala at the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg on November 15. Winners unable to attend the Gala will receive their awards by mail.


  1. Access the NOMINEES section on our website
  2. Explore the projects.
  3. Choose your preferred nominees.
  4. To cast your vote, navigate to the bottom of the project's page and click the 👍 pictogram.
  5. A prompt to enter your email address will appear.
  6. Confirm your vote by following the link sent to your email.

NOTE 1: The vote count for each project is displayed to the right of the 👍 pictogram.

NOTE 2: It is technically impossible to vote multiple times for the same project using the same email address.

NOTE 3: The People's Choice Award voting is conducted separately from the Jury's voting.

NOTE 4: Nominees are encouraged to promote their projects!

Before you vote, remember this: The sole absolute winner of the Premio del Pubblico, determined by the highest number of votes across all categories, will be awarded a Golden Trezzini gilded figurine. Choose wisely and may the best project win! Good luck to all nominees!

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