On August 16, with the support of the Worldwide St. Petersburg Club and the Organizing Committee of the Golden Trezzini Awards, a special event was held at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall.

Members of the Club and friends of the Golden Trezzini Awards participated in a private tour around the most notable exhibition of the 2023 St. Petersburg summer season: “Reversed Safari. Contemporary African Art”. The tour was conducted by Yaroslav Manakhov of the Curatorial Projects department of the Manezh.

The project showcases a wide array of contemporary African art and its main artistic movements that have been developing over the past 60 years after the countries of the continent gained independence. 

The first large-scale exhibition of contemporary African art in Russia brings together the works of 49 African and 14 Russian artists, African artifacts from the collection of the V. D. Polenov Educational Initiatives Fund, as well as books, essays, and photographs of exhibitions that revealed the originality of African art to the Western audience.

On behalf of all the guests of the tour, the Golden Trezzini Organizing Committee thanks the marvellous Manege team, particularly Vera Reichet, Head of Education and Visitor Experience, who helped to organize the visit, and Yaroslav Manakhov, who became our guide for this evening.

Photo: Dmitry Kazakov, Pavel Chernyakov

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