In 2023, the SCA Arena Sports and Concert Complex project in St. Petersburg was nominated for a Golden Trezzini Award in the “Best Project of Public Building or Facility” category and received a Gold Certificate of Achievement. This type of certificate is awarded to the applicants which were highlighted by members of the Golden Trezzini International Council during the voting process.

The architectural bureau behind the SCA Arena project is Vienna-based COOP HIMMELB (L) AU.

“Our design of the SCA Arena follows the tradition of the unique era of Russian constructivism. Everything was possible. We applied its expressive, open design language to a contemporary context of architecture. The SCA Arena was inspired by Tatlin's “Monument to the Third International”. It also refers to the flowing, dynamic movement of a person skating,” Wolf dPrix, Co-founder, CEO and Design Principal of COOP HIMMELB (L) AU says.

Within the project, a technical layer is created, which serves as a supporting structure for the overlying, dynamically cantilevered roof. This creates a covered arcade that is protected from sun, rain, and wind, and can also be used to shelter shops and lounge zones. The roof of the building is shaped like a flattened dome and is equipped with LED lights that will be visible from afar.

As the voting procedures for the 2023 Golden Trezzini were coming to a close, the work on the SCA Arena construction site was also being finalized. The new sports and concert complex opened in November.

COOP HIMMELB (L) AU, founded in 1968 by Wolf dPrix, Helmut Swiczinsky, and Michael Holzer (left in 1971) in Vienna, Austria. Since Helmut Swiczinsky retired in 2001 from the firm’s day-to-day operations, and his departure as a partner in 2006, Wolf dPrix is leading the studio as CEO and Design Principal. The studio has a multicultural team from more than 15 countries and is over 60 people strong.

The Golden Trezzini Awards have been held since 2018. In 2023, the Awards Committee received 1,229 entries from 72 countries. Over 200 experts from 32 countries were invited to select the winners. In total, 22 projects from 10 countries became the best (but for the winners in special nominations and laureates of the Award certificates) — from Belgium, Brazil, India, Italy, China, Russia, USA, Taiwan, Tanzania and Finland. The Award Ceremony is an annual highlight, held at the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. 

Submissions for the 7th Golden Trezzini Awards will open in February 2024. The application is and always will be free of charge.

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