The results of the competition for the development of the concept to enhance the intra-block territory along the Fontanka embankment in St. Petersburg have been announced. Pavel Chernyakov, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Golden Trezzini Awards, took an active part in the panel of judges.

The competition was jointly organized by the Semenovsky Municipality, St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbGASU), and the Center of Competence for the Creation of Comfortable Urban Environments under the Committee for Improvement of the Government of St. Petersburg.

Background: The Semyonovsky Lifeguard Regiment
The Semyonovsky Lifeguard Regiment, one of the two oldest guard regiments in the Imperial Russian Army, has a storied history dating back to 1683. Initially formed as a company within Peter the Great’s toy army, it took its name from the village of Semyonovskoe (located east of Moscow), where it was first stationed. In 1700, the troops were officially designated as the Semyonovsky Lifeguard Regiment. Their valor during the Great Northern War, particularly in the Battle of Narva, earned them the right to retain their weapons. Legend has it that during that battle, they stood knee-deep in blood, a testament to their bravery.

The Project and Its Significance
The students of SPbGASU were tasked with developing a concept to enhance the intra-block area around house number 90 on the Fontanka embankment. This location holds historical significance because it was once the site where the Semyonovsky Lifeguard Regiment was stationed over 300 years ago, following Peter the Great’s decision.

Maria Baran and Ekaterina Romanova’s project secured the first place in the competition. Their innovative design pays homage to the regiment’s legacy while creating a new public space that resonates with the history of St. Petersburg. The organizers and jury members praised the high quality of the presented works and emphasized the importance of such events in nurturing the professional skills of students and enriching the city’s urban fabric.

Photo: Vladislav Kuznetsov

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