Saint-Petersburg Forest University, department of garden and park construction (2008); Higher School of Landscape Architecture at the House of Architects (graduated in 2008).

Graduate of the Presidential Program for the Training of Management Personnel for Organizations of the National Economy of the Russian Federation (Effective Market Governance) 2014 with the 1st place in the competition «The best project of a graduate of the President's program» 2014. 

Took part in the restoration of the Mikhailovsky Garden and the garden around the Mikhailovsky Castle (2003—2007) of the Summer Garden. 

The initiator of the introduction of the GIS-BIS program into the work of gardens — a geographic information system for the collection, storage, processing, analysis of spatial data of gardens and territories in on-line mode. 

— From the very beginning, she took an active part in the organization of the annual international festival «Imperial Gardens of Russia», which was held from 2008 to 2019. 

— Member of the international jury ADD AWARDS Architects, Designers, Decorators 2015—2020, 

— Member of the international jury of the Moscow Flower Show festival 2016—2020, 

— Member of the international jury of the Voronezh-Sad festival in 2016—2018, 

— Member of the international jury of the Moscow open international competition of urban landscape design «Flower Jam» 2017—2018. 

Participant of the preparation of the 52nd World Congress of the World Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) 2015. 

Initiator and organizer of the preparation and receipt of the highest awards in competitions:

— Russian national award in landscape architecture for the restoration project of the Summer Garden in 2012, 

— Russian national award in landscape architecture for the festival «Imperial Gardens of Russia» 2013, 

— National award «Russian Event Awards» 2014 in the field of event tourism, for the festival «Imperial Gardens of Russia» — first place in the category «Best project in the field of culture», 

— Russian National Award for Landscape Architecture for the Program of the Russian Museum «All-Russian Dubrava of Emperor Peter the Great» in 2019, 

— Russian national award in landscape architecture for the ecological program «Living Witnesses of History» in 2020. 

Participant of international landscape projects of the Russian Museum at the flower festival in «Hampton Court», Great Britain (2012) at the landscape design festival «Chaumont-sur-Loire», France (2013; 2018), at the Tallinn flower festival, Estonia (2013). 

Initiator and co-organizer of international seminars on historic gardens at the branch of the Russian Museum in Malaga, Spain (2016—2017). 

Organizer of many events and activities in the gardens of the Russian Museum, including the annual «Tree of Life» campaign for planting trees by representatives of the cultural, political and sports elite. 

Initiated the inclusion of the oldest oak trees in the Summer and Mikhailovsky Gardens in the register of old-growth trees in Russia within the framework of the All-Russian federal program «Trees-Monuments of Wildlife». After that, a tradition arose of growing oak seedlings from oak acorns of Peter the Great's time in the Summer Garden and presenting them on special occasions. Under the patronage of the director of the Russian Museum Vladimir Gusev, the program “All-Russian Oakwood of Emperor Peter the Great” was launched. 

Olga initiated the entry of the Summer Garden of the Russian Museum into the International Organization for the Preservation of the Heritage of European Gardens EGHN (The European Garden Heritage Network). The Summer Garden became a finalist of the European Garden Award for the restoration project. The Summer Garden is displayed at the GARDEN FOCUS photo exhibition Europe's Finest Gardens. 

The international photography project FLOWERING HERITAGE was first organized by the Russian Museum in the Summer Garden in 2018 with the support of EGHN (The European Garden Heritage Network), as part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The photographs of 22 historic parks and gardens (partners of EGHN and / or winners of the European Garden Award) were displayed in Summer Garden. 

Educational activity: 
Speaker of the section «Culture and Art» with the topic: «Preservation of historical and architectural heritage» at the III Yalta International Economic Forum (YIEF) 2017.

Speaker of the moderated panel discussion «Principles of interaction between the state and business for the preservation and popularization of national cultural heritage» at the St. Petersburg Cultural International Forum 2017. 

Participant and speaker of various Russian and international professional conferences and seminars. 

Author of numerous articles, including the Higher Attestation Commission, reports and presentations on historical gardens and gardening art festivals in a professional and popular environment.

— Silver medal «For labors in gardening» of the Department for the development of gardening and horticulture of St. Petersburg (2015), 

— Medal «For Merit in Culture and Art» of the Russian Creative Union of Cultural Workers (2017),

— Commemorative medal «For a great personal contribution to the development of the union» of the Russian Creative Union of Cultural Workers (2019), 

— Diplomas and certificates from city committees, Russian and foreign conferences and seminars, landscape festivals and competitions.