Tang Jun holds a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Zhejiang University, a top-3 higher education institution in China. He is a class-1 registered architect, and the founder and chief architect of JUNYUN Architecture Design Office. As a professional architect with constant passion in architecture and endless creativity, Tang Jun focuses more on refining design from the perspectives of cities and users, rather than on architectural forms or styles. He cares about people’s fundamental needs, explores the relationship between human and nature, and seeks a balance between architecture and environment.

JUNYUN Architecture Design Office works on a wide range of project typologies, including high-rise building, commercial building, office, hotel, residence, school, etc. Over nearly two decades, Tang Jun has steered and completed a host of iconic public projects and real estate projects in major cities nationwide, including but not limited to Phoenix Courtyard, Shanshui Shijian, The One Park, Urban Living Room of Dahuangshan Silicon Town, G60 Brain Tech Innovation Base and Mountain Art Center, which have won a great many international design awards.