Major Categories
  1. Best Project of Premium or Business Class Residential Estate

Art View House Clubhouse


  1. Best Built Premium or Business Class Residential Estate

Four Horizons Residential Estate


  1. Best Project of Comfort Class Residential Estate

 Fortecia Residential Estate


  1. Best Built Comfort Class Residential Estate

 Lakhta Park Residential Estate


  1. Best Project of Private Residence



  1. Best Built Private Residence

 Country house outside Vyborg


  1. Best Hardscaping and Landscaping Project

Landscape concept for Magnifika Residence Residential Estate


  1. Best Implemented Hardscaping and Landscaping Project

 Naturalistic Garden


  1. Best Implemented Restoration-Reconstruction Project for Listed Building

Partner of the category: RBI Group

Renovation of Passage Trade Gallery


  1. Best Implemented Apartment — Private House Interior Design Project

 Apartment in the Paradny Mini-district


Special Categories
  1. Best Implemented Interior Design Project Using Works of Art

Art Residence at Fontanka Embankment


  1. 12 Best Students Project That Can Become a New Symbol of St. Petersburg

Partner of the category: LenStroyTrest

Museum of Architecture Evolution

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