Golden Certificates

  1. Ahead of Reality, personal exhibition of Ingmar Vitvitsky (St. Petersburg, Russia) 
  2. Avant-garde. List No. 1. Centenary to the 100th Anniversary of the Fine Arts Culture Museum (Moscow, Russia) 
  3. Battle on the Ice Diorama Museum: Architectural Concept (Pskov Region, Russia, project by design and architecture studio Yudin & Novikov) 
  4. Bolkonsky Residential Estate (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  5. Digihouse of Gazprom Neft (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  6. Exhibition project “Deineka/Samokhvalov” dedicated to the 120th Birthday Anniversary of the of Alexander Deineka (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  7. House in Peski on the first line of the Gulf of Finland, Aquatoria cottages (Leningrad Region, Russia)
  8. IQ Gatchina, II stage (Leningrad Region, Russia)
  9. Journey apartment at the Gulf of Finland (St. Petersburg, Russia) 
  10. Kaleidoscope Estate (St. Petersburg, Russia) 
  11. Lake house interiors (Leningrad Region, Russia)
  12. Mindovsky's mansion (Moscow, Russia)
  13. Music academy in Vyborg (Leningrad Region, Russia) 
  14. Northern River Passenger Terminal (Moscow, Russia)
  15. Perfect cut (Moscow, Russia)
  16. Railway station (Ivanovo, Russia)
  17. Reconstruction of a church in line with Orthodox traditions (Ticino, Switzerland) 
  18. Renovation and readjustment of the guest house in the Vsevolozhskiye Mansion for the Leningrad regional universal scholarly library (Leningrad Region, Russia) 
  19. Restoration of the rooms of Nicholas I in Gatchina Palace (Leningrad Region, Russia) 
  20. Restoration of the young marrieds' half in the Yusupov Palace (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  21. Shchukin. Biography of Collection (Moscow, Russia) 
  22. SkyLight, the internal garden (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  23. Solomon Yudovin. Siege of Leningrad: Graphics from the collection of the Russian Museum and Evgeny Gerasimov (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Special Certificates within certain categories

Best Implemented Façade or Interior Project Using Ceramics

Contrasting Ceramics — Museum Princessehof (Leeuwarden, Netherlands)
New take on ethnics (Moscow, Russia)

Best Implemented Interior Design Project Using Works of Art

Alex (Singapore)
Apartment in Palevsky residential estate (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Estate at the outskirts of Moscow (Moscow Region, Russia)

Lazar Khidekel Prize for the Best Innovative Architectural Project

Multi-storey vegetable garden (Baku, Azerbaijan)
Varve Museum (Fukui Prefecture, Japan)

Honourable Mention Certificates

  1. 1A Pervomayskaya (Tyumen, Russia)
  2. Active House (Krasnodar Region, Russia) 
  3. Afife House (Afife, Portugal)
  4. Animation house for WIZART FILM LTD (Voronezh, Russia) 
  5. Atepehuacan Park (Mexico City, Mexico)
  6. Baan Bubble (Kharkov, Ukraine)
  7. Bistro COCOCO (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  8. Black Villa (Switzerland)
  9. Blue Shell (Lattakia, Syria)
  10. Boulangerie Django (Tokyo, Japan)
  11. Building reconstruction for the Boris Eifman Children's Dance Theater (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  12. CASA CCFF (Geneva, Switzerland)
  13. Celestial Facade (Karachai-Cherkess Republic, Russia) 
  14. Chateau de la Petrogradka (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  15. Colegio Interamericano de Guatemala CIG (Guatemala city, Guatemala)
  16. Cultural Center / Maritime Museum (Al Sharqiyah, Oman)
  17. Culture center in Zheleznovodsk (Stavropol Region, Russia)
  18. Dubai Iconic Mosque (Dubai, UAE)
  19. Earthquake: Threat or Blessing (Lar City, Iran) 
  20. Escalada_Kommunarka Sports Club (Moscow, Russia)
  21. Forest Villa (North Iran)
  22. Geriatric Complex (Fier, Albania)
  23. Hanging Automotive Gardens (Grand Paris, France)
  24. Holiday village on the outskirts of Sochi (Krasnodar Region, Russia)
  25. Kalinka Park Micro Estate (Udmurt Republic, Russia)
  26. Kamenny Island (St. Petersburg, Russia) 
  27. Lighthouse outdoor space within Ostafyevo (Moscow, Russia)
  28. Louis XIV Style Villa Interior Design (Doha, Qatar)
  29. Lou-Pazou (Cannes, France)
  30. Mansion in Obushkovo (Moscow Region, Russia)
  31. Mark on the Map Parlor Pavilion (Leningrad Region, Russia)
  32. Mayfair Mansion (London, United Kingdom)
  33. Mill Pavilion (Saratov Region, Russia) 
  34. Möbiuseum (Oslo, Norway) 
  35. Modern wooden house Altai (Republic of Altai, Russia)
  36. MY apartment (Samara, Russia) 
  37. National Museum (Niš, Serbia)
  38. New Embankment (Rostov-on-Don, Russia)
  39. Private house in Novoye Busharino (Moscow Region, Russia)
  40. Private residence (the Rostov Region, Russia) 
  41. Pumproom at Lipetsk Mineral Waters resort (Lipetsk, Russia)
  42. Red Locus Hotel (Moscow, Russia) 
  43. Refurbishment (London, United Kingdom) 
  44. Residence in Nile Towers (Cairo, Egypt)
  45. Restoration and readjustment of Manege (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  46. RR51 (Moscow Region, Russia)
  47. Sēnīte Restaurant renovation in Latvia (Vidzeme, Latvia)
  48. Seoul Photographic Art Museum (Seoul, Korea)
  49. Shenzhen Natural History Museum (Shenzhen, China)
  50. Sports complex of Nakhimov Naval School (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  51. St. Peter and Paul Chapel (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  52. Tahrir Cafeteria at the American University (Cairo, Egypt)
  53. Temporary façade for Metamorfosi Italiano Futurismo Exhibition (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  54. The Buda Resort (Visegrad, Hungary) 
  55. The Exodus (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) 
  56. The V House (Pondicherry, India)
  57. The Way (Saratov Region, Russia)
  58. United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum (Colorado, United States)
  59. Woods Formula House (Norway)
  60. WORMHOUSE — The Breathing House (Zablocie, Poland)

Special prizes and certificates from the Awards' partners

From Slavdom company

Botanica (St. Petersburg, Russia)

From DEREVO-park company

Digihouse of Gazprom Neft (St. Petersburg, Russia)

From Liniya Interiera company

Country residence in Komarovo (St. Petersburg, Russia)
House in Karelia (Republic of Karelia, Russia)

From bulthaup design gallery

Attic Apartment (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

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