Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
Jutting into a ruggedly terraneous landscape, the dwelling rises in contrast to a ravine. An elemental material interplay of glass, concrete, metal and wood, woo the architecture with clinical style and geometric allure. Architect Jaime Guzman and his team stirred a monumental challenge, tangling every niche and corner of the land into the soul of this home. At the entrance, a cantilever glass bridge leaps out in stark panache, arresting your attention with a gaping wow! Sensational living spaces stack in cubic volumes along with trees, shrubs and foliage in a contemporary expression.

Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City, Mexico

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
DOS Jaime Guzmán Arquitectos.
Jaime Guzmán Corcuera is a renowned Mexican architect, who founded the firm DOS Jaime Guzmán Arquitectos together with his father Jaime Guzmán Giraud in 2014. The architectural practice of the latter transcends for more than 40 years, having carried out numerous and recognized luxury residential, housing, hospitality and commercial projects. His son, inspired by the work of his father decided to follow that path motivated mainly by achieving a change to the environment and lives of the users.

Other participants
General contractor: ALTAA
Photography: Ricardo de La Concha