Aldott Hotel

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Being a new-age business hotel, the design welcomes guests both looking for peaceful or corporate stay. Bedrooms are placed in front and rear face of the plot so as to maximize sunlight into the rooms. This floor features a double-height courtyard with a jali pattern skylight which in turn results in an interesting play of light and shadow. To interest corporate guests, the interior of the rooms caters to their work needs as well. Stilt floor to third floor cater to bedrooms and F&B services whereas being a business hotel, Basement levels -1 & -2 are designed as co-working spaces with sufficient number of workstations and fulfil all other requirements for office needs. The layout for each floor has been done in such a way that each floor faces the front or rear end of the plot so as to allow maximum sunlight into the room. Incorporating a double-height courtyard on the second floor created a whole different experience for guests while walking in the hallway.

Gurugram, India

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Studio AVT Architects Pvt Ltd, a design consultancy firm with a passionate approach to nurturing new paradigms of architectural & interior designs, started in 2011 as a 2 person practice working out of a garage. Through the decade, the studio has evolved as a contemporary design practice with numerous projects of diverse nature, scale & sizes in its strong portfolio of works. Our portfolio has projects of varied scale, nature & budget including private residences, apartments, office spaces, healthcare, etc.