Aria House

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
Aria House is about the antithesis created by designing a residence where the principles are about lightness, breadth and expansion, argue directly with the force in which the prisms that result from this project, ensuring that the project's aria can exist.
The project was implemented on a site extensive on its main gable, but short in relation to its perpendicular portion to the façade. Thus, the main block closes to the street and opens completely to the view of the lake that is in front of the land.
The 62 meter building is designed in white concrete so the sheer volume conveys subtlety, and is cut into obtuse angles that direct natural light and ventilation into the house. To ensure that these natural conditions are able to access the interior of the residence, vertical concrete elements were used as a design strategy, which integrate with the marked horizontality of the block and allow the permeability of natural resources for environmental comfort.

São Paulo, Brazil

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Applicant and authors of the project
Felipe Caboclo Arquitetura.
The office is headed by André Felipe Nascimento, who was born in the city of Cerquilho, in the interior of São Paulo (Brazil). The architect believes that the project should be designed according to the habits of its future residents, customizing and individualizing the creation and use of spaces.