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A project for a library on the edge of the Congo rainforest. A structure completely built with eco-sustainable materials that manage to fit into the environmental context without negatively impacting it. The complex consists of five structures: the first contains a library with a panoramic view (like all the others) and comfortable seating for reading; going up the level we find the second structure which is dedicated to children and in addition to a reading area is also equipped with recreational and play areas; on the third level we find the refreshment point with a large room with seating and bar / restaurant; on the fourth level there is a study room with seating, computers and desks; finally, on the fifth floor there is a conference room \ amphitheater with 80 seats, in which to carry out cultural and recreational events. Finally, the project includes three bathrooms (located on the ground, middle and top floors). The structures are built in such a way as to exploit all the benefits.


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Sara Petta

Authors of the project
Project by Sara Petta & Giuseppe Roncone

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Conceptual design

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