Casa Ocho

Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
This project arises from wanting to maintain the natural essence and coexistence with the outside, the main purposes of the architectural project. A mix of styles that coexist in harmony in each space; neutral colors and natural materials, characteristic of the office, that complement each other, achieving the main purpose of the project: to achieve timeless, welcoming and livable spaces that provide serenity and a feeling of home peace to users. Simple and organic lines in the design and a meticulous selection of details and furniture in each space.
The purpose was to make unique spaces, defined by their walls that range from slats with white lacquered moldings, marbles, covered with natural wood and stucco, which in turn are unified with the same element: natural pine staves that run through every corner of home.

Mexico City, Mexico

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
Ilana Goldberg & Goldberg Interiores

Other participants
Architect: zda + voz arquitectura y diseño
Photo: Jaime Navarro, Rafael Gamo, Hector Velasco
Communication: Area Colectiva

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