Chahar Gah Villa

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
This building Creates an interactive dialogue from residential veils and environment: seasons and what nature watches over time, and there is no mask between inside and outside, and despite the transparency, it answers the problem of privacy. In addition to the outdoor space and nature around the building, the user also can feel that inside.
This improves light and heat control, and a large amount of ventilation is controlled and performed naturally. The arrangement of cubic volumes inside the outer volume so that they differ in height creates diversity in the space organization; At the same time, these boxes preserve the privacy and independence of its inhabitants, and it is possible to be inside or on them, and also family activities and services space can be placing in the open middle space,
The building expands from east to west due to the climatic conditions of the region, and the elongated form and chimney of the outer shell are due to better air circulation.

Gilan, Anzali, Iran

Project design year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Keivani Architects have won several prestigious international architecture awards was established in 2009 by two architect brothers Nima Keivani and Sina Keivani. Their works have been published in many world-leading and famous journals and publications. Their projects also were exhibited in architecture and design exhibitions such as the Design Museum of Como in Italy 2020, and modern & contemporary architecture of Iran in Tokyo contemporary museum May 2018, and GAP 2017 Melbourne University.
Project by Nima Keivani & Sina Keivani.
Design team: Sahar Aminalsharia Najafi, Shabnam Ghadiani.

Status of the project
Under construction