Green Lofts

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About the project
In the huge city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a building emerges near the Rio de la Plata River, and soon has become an icon of the neighborhood. The dynamic design and its green-panelled façade highlight from other buildings in the area.
5 loft-type apartments, with double height spaces, terrace-type balconies and large glazed panels generate a pleasant sensation of living in a house on the heights.
A building that seeks to bring green to the city.

Urquiza 551, Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Applicant and authors of the project
Diacono Arquitectos, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The studio is formed by architects Adrian Diacono and Patricio Diacono, father and son. Our premise is to provide our clients with a unique creation in line with the specific conditions of the location and themselves. The assimilation of nature and vanguard design are key to our proposal. Each project is treated as a unique piece of art.

Other participants
Matto Construcciones
Caligari sol

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