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About the project
Herbazal is located in the highest part of the urban land in the city of Medellin, Colombia. This particular location gives the project a special potential in terms of the relationship between the urban and rural landscapes. Based on this condition, it is proposed to create large terraces that serve as an exterior space for the apartments, where the connection between the natural landscape of the valley (mountains, forest, ravines) and the built landscape (buildings, streets, etc.) occurs.

Medellin, Colombia

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
Arquitectua + Abierta.
Andres Felipe Aristizabal Montes: «In the year 2014 I start my independent studio Arquitectura + Abierta, after having had a professional experience that can be summarized in 3 stages. The first stage begins in New York where, thanks to a friend, I found a job as an architect in an office in Brooklyn. Then I returned to Colombia and worked for a large company with skyscraper projects in Panama. Lastly, I worked in the office of a well-known architect in Medellin.»


Other participants
Construction - Constructora Integrar
Photo — Mateo Soto Fotografia

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