Human Convergence

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Human Convergence is an architectural framework of potential uses, it is a park, a locus of authentic exchange, a lyrical place to dream the impossible, a catalyst for individual and collective inspiration, a setting to be inhabited as communal needs arise.
The Master Plan is a chart to be decoded. Starting with the eastern arc, representing when Life was organized in accord with Nature then the slow discovery of science and its consequences. Descending into a sunken circular garden, modern history starts. Then, the rise, to the western arc where the Agora and the Sphere, containing cafes, maker spaces, a museum, and performances space, represents the future.
This project both landmarks the present and expresses the convergence of Nature, Culture and Technology to create a more humane future. It harmoniously brings diverse groups of people together to built a common vision, where compassion for «otherness» is imbued with renewed humanity.

San Jose, California, the USA

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Form4 Architecture.
Form4 Architecture believes in returning a sense of humanity to Modernism through emotional meaning and poetic design. The San Francisco-based award-winning firm measures success by our contributions to society through a 2nd Century Modernist approach that balances expressive design, rigor, empathy, and sustainability to create captivating buildings and spaces that resonate with people and enhance their lives.
Project by John Marx

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Client: Urban Confluence Silicon Valley