Palacio Iznaga Hotel

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The investment for the project is motivated by the relevance of Trinidad, which is a great tourist center. The Iznaga Palace is one of the emblematic buildings of the colonial era. The configuration of the complex aims to revive the immediate urban environment and enhance the prominence of the Palace, through a staging of the views, the heritage space and with a new contemporary insert that subordinates the old building. The palace is like the framework in the very heart of the historic center. The charm of the city of Trinidad is precisely in the historic center and its heritage values, hence the concept of this hotel is developed from the enjoyment of heritage and the visuals that the environment fosters. Enhancing the palace and its context while respecting its category and its heritage and historical vocation is what gives the hotel the main theme. There is an absolute will to offer the best conditions to contemplate and feel the Trinitarian spirit.

Trinidad City, Cuba

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
Arc. Carlos Alberto Suárez Yon

Other participants
EPROB. Empresa de Proyectos.

Status of the project
Under construction