Path Villa

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
The form of the building makes no effort to show itself apart from its bed, in other words, it tries to be able to penetrate it as much as possible so that there is no boundary between itself and the bed. On the other hand, it does not want to disturb the neighbor. As can be seen in the relation between form and substrate, purity in the materials used was another design strategy. Original materials such as concrete and wood show a feeling of purity in his heart.
Interior spaces expanded in both vertical and horizontal axes, making it possible for the relation between matter and space to proceed fairly. And whatever matter gives, the space expands and gives quality. The combination of solid and transparent space shows a significant contrast from inside to outside the building and the natural and built environment of the bed. In the meantime, the clear southern wall shows the passage of time with the entry of natural light into the building.

Epalinges, Switzerland

Project design year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Kanisavaran Office
Design Team: Golnessa Mottahed, Majid Kanisavaran, Fatemeh Ahmadiyeh, Atefeh Parandeh

Status of the project
Under construction