Pip School

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About the project
This is a charity project.The design idea of the school originates from the climate, native nature of the region, vegetation and natural ventilation elements in traditional architecture such as Kolak and Surak as well as Kapar form in region. The school design model is based on modular geometry, which can be implemented in a short period of time due to economic constraints. In addition, the natural geometry of the region, native structures and existing patterns are used in the facade and landscape design.
The design of the form of the buildings is based on the architecture of the local building and the direction of the prevailing winds of the region. The air cooling filter in Kolak consists of several clay cells which store water in themselves. Evaporation of water on the clay surface of the cooling cells leads to the creation of a cool atmosphere in the environment around the filter. As a result, the air passing through this area gets cooled.

Sistan Baluchestan, Iran

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Applicant and authors of the project
Keivani Architects have won several prestigious international architecture awards was established in 2009 by two architect brothers Nima Keivani and Sina Keivani. Their works have been published in many world-leading and famous journals and publications. Their projects also were exhibited in architecture and design exhibitions such as the Design Museum of Como in Italy 2020, and modern & contemporary architecture of Iran in Tokyo contemporary museum May 2018, and GAP 2017 Melbourne University.
Project by Nima Keivani & Sina Keivani.
Design team: Hadis Hosseini, Sarvin Heidari, Mehrnoosh Tajik Davoodi, Shabnam Ghadyani, Zeinab Mirtalebi, Misagh Mackvandi

Status of the project
Under construction