Residential commercial tower design

Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

About the project
Professionally and meticulously, we designed this huge and amazing tower. The tower consists of the following elements: The basement has two floors, and can accommodate 3,000 cars. Ground, first and second floors shops, entertainment items and a supermarket. And 5 floors made up of companies and administrative banks. In addition to 23 administrative floors divided into two towers consisting of administrative offices. And 25 residential floors, each floor contains 5 apartments in each multi-space tower. As for the ball in the middle, it contains a panoramic suspended restaurant consisting of 3 glass floors, providing a stunning 360° view of the ocean. The last floors contain panoramic cafeterias.

London, the UK

Project design year

Applicant and author of the project
Aesthetic Decoration Limited / Aussaima Obeid.
«My name is Aussaima Obeid, I'm from Syria. I set up my own design and decoration company, Aesthetic Decoration Limited. I see that I have distinctive ideas in design and I like to innovate in designs and present designs that are out of the ordinary. I have a great love for design and decoration. I have the ambition to present innovative and out of the ordinary ideas in the field of design and decoration.»