Správa železnic Headquarters

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The place as a starting point, its extreme conditions of urban and regulatory situation will be responsible for establishing a formal and functional response to the project of the new headquarters. We establish these conditions to put them in value and that they are not an impediment, being responsible for the volumetric proposal, focusing on a homogeneous context between the two buildings. A fast and precise, uniform, heterogeneous, dialoguing and contextualized response is given which subjects the city to a complete transformation, putting in value the area where it is implanted. Connectivity is one of the most notable purposes of the project, connectivity between users and citizens, giving a clear and direct answer: creating a homology between the two proposed buildings creating a building unit, but at the same time it must be broken into “micro buildings” to contextualize the urban environment, in such a way that the two proposed buildings can have the same decisive language

Prague, Czech Republic

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
ELA (Edu Lopez Architects) is an architectural design firm based in Madrid, Spain with diversified services, including architectural design, urban planning and interior design. ELA's mission is to offer exceptional design ideas and solutions through the creative mix of human need, caring for the environment, value creation, science and art, participating in a wide portfolio of office projects, civic, cultural, health, residential, academic, transportation, landscape and mixed-use.