Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
The main focus of our design is the compatibility of the building with its surrounding nature. We decided to design a building that could be transformable as the nature itself. This conceptual framework expects the building to transform with the change of seasons and ecological alterations and eventually adopts itself with the surrounding environment. Through the process of design, the nature inspired us as it made us think of the ways in which a bird raises its feathers to create pockets of warm air and enhance insulation during cold winters. Subsequently, this inspiration resulted two interrelated ideas: First, a dynamic building that can alter its form, and second, a dynamic interior design that can move and transform internally in order to create a significant spatial quality for every season. Furthermore, energy evaluations made us decide to use local materials that could best provide insulation and a better compatibility with the environmental changes. 

Riga, Latvia

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
Keivani Architects.
Award-winning Iranian international studio, was established in 2009 by two architect brothers Nima Keivani and Sina Keivani. The projects done by this studio are in different architectural spheres. Keivani Architects has already designed and implemented many architectural projects around the world. In addition, their projects were exhibited in architecture and design exhibitions such as the Design Museum of Como in Italy 2020, and in Tokyo contemporary museum.
Architects Nima Keivani, Sina Keivani, Hadi Hoseini, Shahrzad Shirvani.