Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
We appeal to silence. We understand constructive clarity based on discipline.
Learn, modes and idioms, practice their use, understand the right moment to use an adjective,
know how to recognize a verb, exercise accuracy, keep pause... listen.
Beyond the results, we strengthen the idea of the road as a discipline. From that, we can transform matter into material, imaginary into concrete and proceed with rigorous analysis to the decision that communicates with maximum clarity an idea, be it a stone, a word or a living space. We confer on the convocation of matter as an authentic discipline of architectural thinking. We give it the role of word, and with it we say things ... As one more phrase within the general conversation, this small house is a pause in the constant noise of the city, absent and unnoticed, it is made of emptiness, gardens, air, light and the occasional brick. Let's keep talking, but even better let's try to listen more and better ... even the silences.

Calle 8 de diciembre casi Guillermo Leoz, Paraguay

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Applicant and authors of the project
TDA® Larissa Rojas — Miguel Duarte Arqs.
Founded by Larissa Rojas and Miguel Duarte, it explores various scales of knowledge from architecture and collaborates multidisciplinary in the construction of a common horizon of disciplinary projection from Luque, Paraguay. Study of design, project and construction where specific questions of the discipline are investigated and experienced, the academy where it stimulates curiosity and the emphasis of human formation in the application of reason.